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Reporting staff data Questions & Answers

Q: If a staff member is on unpaid leave at the reference date is a provider required to report their record? It may be a short unpaid leave i.e a few days or long term unpaid leave like maternity leave.

A: If a member of staff is on short term leave at the reference date they should be included in the staff submission. If the staff member is on extended unpaid leave they should be excluded from the submission as they don't have current duties that require them to work as at reference date.

Q: Has the new gender X for E315 been introduced yet?

A: The department has updated the HEIMS systems to allow providers to report code X in all submissions including Staff. Providers can start reporting this code over the next three years at a time that best suits their organisation.

Q: If the staff member is reported with no information for their ATSI status in the first submission will the detail be updated where information is provided in subsequent submission without creating a revision file?

A: To update a staff member's indigenous status from a non Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander value the record must first be reported to HEIMS for the current year. The record can then be updated in another staff submission and using variation reason code of 2 (Revised record due to administrative error) for element 446.

Q: What is the limit on salary that can be reported for general staff?

A: The department has agreed that reporting a value of this E423 (Equivalent full‑time annual salary – current duties) is optional from 2014. Providers are able to report "000000" for this element. The maximum value that can be reported in HEPCAT still remains at $200,000.

Q: I have taken over the role of reporting staff data how can I access past submissions?

A: You can directly access and view all data reported to the department including staff data using Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online – Data View Reports. This application groups together your reported data and displays it into various summary tables.

Q: When a member of staff's position changes from an academic to non‑academic their highest qualification cannot be reported with in HEPCAT as 0 – Member of staff has a non‑academic classification.

A: Usually the highest qualification of a member of staff should not change even though they may have changed positions from academic to a non academic classification. To correct a member of staff's highest qualification from academic to a non academic you will need to contact the department to request this change.

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