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Data requirements - Tertiary Admissions Centres

University Applications and Offers Data Collection

The University Applications and Offers Data Collection was established to make available standardised, comprehensive data on applications and offers for university places. The University Applications and Offers Data Collection is used for policy formulation and advice and will provide data for a range of reports to stakeholders and the public.
The data collection includes records for applications, offers and acceptances by domestic applicants for Commonwealth supported places in higher education undergraduate award courses.

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Web Services Technical Specifications

TACs submit data via web services to the department's web service.

The requirements for submission of Applications and Offers data are detailed in the University Applications and Offers HEIMS Web Services Interface Technical Specifications.

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Reporting deadlines for Tertiary Admission Centres 2018/2019

The tables below provide details of when each submission will be due as advised by the Australian Conference of Tertiary Admission Centres (ACTAC).

Tertiary Admission Centres

Report Number Reference Date Submission Date
1 1 Oct 2018: This date captures on time and some late applications.
15 Oct 2018
2 23 Jan 2019: This date captures all main round undergraduate offers.
6 Feb 2019
3 28 Feb 2019: This date captures all formal offer rounds and much manual offer activity before the commencement of teaching. 14 Mar 2019
4 2 Apr 2019: This is the next working day after census date activity which captures all applications and offers. 16 Apr 2019
5 17 May 2019: This date captures all applications and offer activity and where possible, confirmed enrolments. 31 May 2019

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