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OS-HELP Language Study general report

How to read this report

The report provides a distribution of OS‑HELP Language Study student loans for a selected reporting period/year based on the following pre‑defined set of criteria:

  • OS‑HELP records which have an OS‑HELP debt incural date in the selected reporting period/year
  • Element E490 (Student Status code) = 242

The following table identifies the components that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Language The reported E582 (OS‑HELP) Language code
Number of Loans This is the count of the number of loans within each category.
Number of Students This is a unique count of E488 (CHESSN) within each category.
Total Loan Value Sum of the reported E528 (OS‑HELP Payment Amount) values.


When reading student numbers, the data takes into account the coding of students to two or more categories within the report. As a consequence, totals may be less than the sum of all categories.

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