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HELP Entitlement Summary report


This report provides detailed information on the total HELP entitlement consumed by a student and the amount of entitlement remaining.

These explanatory notes describe the values used in the calculation for each of the percentage categories displayed in the report.

The HELP Entitlement Summary report can be accessed via Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online:

HELP Entitlements » The HELP Entitlement Summary report

Student Entitlement Calculations are performed daily through an overnight process against data reported by providers. Further information on entitlement calculations is available in the glossary.

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Scope of the report

Students enrolled at your organisation who have accessed a HELP Loan will be displayed in this report based on their entitlement usage.


  • Unit of study records eligible for FEE‑HELP:
    • [E490 = 230, 231, 232 and 233]

VET FEE‑HELP / VET Student Loans

  • Unit of study records eligible for VET FEE‑HELP / VET Student Loans:
    • [E490 = 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 409 and 410]

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Explanatory notes

This report organises students HELP entitlement usage into percentages. How much entitlement a student has used determines where they appear in this report. If a student has used 70 percent of their entitlement they will be included in the 70 to 79.99% category. If they only have 5 percent of their HELP entitlement left they will appear in the 90%+ category.

A student's total HELP entitlement includes any entitlements used at other organisations.

You can drill down to identify the individual students for the top four categories showing the highest use of HELP. You will only be able to see the records in the drill down that relate to your organisation. In this report a student is identified by their master CHESSN, with their FEE‑HELP use and balance for the CHESSN displayed.

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