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HE Student Enrolment Distribution Report

How to read this report

This report provides summaries of enrolment related data elements for a selected reporting period/year based on the following pre‑defined set of criteria:


  • only enrolment records for which there are active load liability records for the selected reporting period/year.
  • both major and minor course enrolment records
  • enrolment records for students undertaking cross institutional studies

The following table identifies the fields that are used to construct the report:

Field Coding notes
Gender Gender is determined on the basis of the first value reported on Gender code (E315). For example, if a student is first reported as Male and then in a subsequent submission is reported as Female, the original classification of Male is maintained. If the original value has been revised, the revised value is used.
Indigenous Status Value reported for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander code (E316):
  • 2 (non indigenous),
  • 3 (Aboriginal origin but not Torres Strait Islander),
  • 4 (Torres Strait Islander origin but not Aboriginal),
  • 5 (Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin) or
  • 9 (No Information)

Subsequent reported E316 values for a student have the following updating rules:

If the original reported value is 9 (no information) the record will be updated with any new value (2, 3, 4 or 5)

  • If the original reported value is 2 (non indigenous) the record will only be updated with the new value if it is 3, 4 or 5 (indigenous)
  • If the original reported value was 3, 4 or 5 (indigenous) HEIMS will only update the record if a new indigenous value is reported:
    • 3 will be updated to 4 or 5
    • 4 will be updated to 3 or 5
    • 5 will be updated to 3 or 4
  • A value of 3, 4 or 5 will not be updated if the new reported value is 2 or 9
Location of Term Residence Uses the reported E319 value.
Location of Permanent Home Residence Uses the reported E320 value.
New Basis for Admission Uses the reported E327 value.
Type of Attendance Uses the reported E330 value.
Country of Birth Uses the reported E346 value.
Year of Arrival in Australia Uses the reported E347 value.
Language Spoken at Home Uses the reported E348 value.
Tertiary Entrance Score Uses the reported E369 value.
Disability Uses the reported E386 value.
Separation Status Uses the reported E465 value.
Scholarship Type Uses the reported E487 value.
Highest Education Participation Uses the reported E493 value.
Credit Basis Uses the reported E561 value.
Level of Prior VET Education Uses the reported E563 value.
Type of VET Provider Uses the reported E564 value.
Credit/Status Higher Education Provider Uses the reported E566 value.
Year Left School Uses the reported E572 value.
Education - Parent 1 Uses the reported E573 value.
Education - Parent 2 Uses the reported E574 value.


  1. Only code values with database values are displayed on the report. (e.g. If there were only Males reported for your provider the Female row will not appear on the report.
  2. For the purposes of E327 (New Basis for Admission), E573 (Education - Parent 1) and E574 (Education - Parent 2), a student is not a commencing student if the course commencement date is earlier than the current reporting year.

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