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Commonwealth Scholarship Summary Report

How to read this report

The Commonwealth Scholarships Summary Report provides information on the number of scholarships grouped across the two major types of Commonwealth Scholarships – Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships (CECS) and Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships (CAS). The individual Commonwealth Scholarship (CS) type codes comprising these two major categories are shown in the table below.

Field Coding notes
Commonwealth scholarship status Value reported in Commonwealth Scholarship (CS) status code (E526):
  • 1 Current
  • 2 Deferred
Period Value reported in Reporting Year and Period Code (E415):
  • 1 (1 January to 30 June)
  • 2 (1 July to 31 December)
Commonwealth scholarship type Value reported in Commonwealth Scholarship (CS) type code (E545):
  • CECS
    • 1 Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship
    • 3 Commonwealth Education Cost Scholarship for Associate Degree
    • 5 Commonwealth Education Cost Scholarship for Indigenous Students
    • 8 National Priority Scholarship
    • A Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship
  • CAS
    • 2 Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship
    • 4 Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship for Associate Degree
    • 6 Commonwealth Education Cost Scholarship for Indigenous Students
    • 9 National Accommodation Scholarship
    • B Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship

The totals shown in the Student column are a count of the students with the matching Period, Scholarship Status and Scholarship Type corresponding to that particular cell. Note however, that the CAS figure and the CECS figure count the students with only that particular type of scholarship. Therefore if a student has both a CAS and CECS they will not be counted in these individual totals but will appear in the "CECS and CAS" total. Consequently, to get the total number of students with a CAS, you must add the "CAS" and the "CECS and CAS" figures. Similarly for the calculation of the total CECS students.

Note – Students with invalidated units are still included in the verification report figures.

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