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Adjusted VET FEE-HELP Report


The VET FEE‑HELP Report display details of adjusted FEE‑HELP debts and loan fees for a given period. These explanatory notes describe the elements and values used in the calculation of an adjusted FEE‑HELP record in the report.

An adjusted FEE‑HELP debt

FEE‑HELP provides an income contingent loan to eligible fee paying students to pay for all or part of their tuition fees for units of study. Over their lifetime, a student is able to borrow up to the amount of the FEE‑HELP limit (indexed). Repayments do not reset the maximum that can be borrowed.

A FEE‑HELP debt for a unit of study is adjusted through the Student Entitlement Calculation (see note 1 below). An adjustment occurs when a student exceeds their FEE‑HELP limit by an amount that is less than the total cost of the unit but greater than their remaining FEE‑HELP balance.

Invalidated FEE‑HELP debt

A FEE‑HELP debt for a unit of study is invalidated through the Student Entitlement Calculation1 when a student has exceeded their FEE‑HELP limit and they have no FEE‑HELP balance remaining.

Invalidated units of study are not included in this report. Only information related to an adjusted FEE‑HELP debt is displayed.

The VET FEE‑HELP report can be accessed via Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online:

HEIMS Data View » Supplementary Reports » VET FEE‑HELP Reports » Adjusted FEE‑HELP Report – VET

Note 1: Student Entitlement Calculations are undertaken on a nightly basis. Further information on entitlement calculations is available in the glossary.

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Scope of the report

The following student records are included in this report:

  • Unit of study records for students who are eligible for VET FEE‑HELP loans with adjusted FEE‑HELP amounts:
    • [E490 = 401, 402, 403, 406]

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Explanatory notes

The VET FEE‑HELP report displays the original reported record for a unit of study prior to its adjustment in the Student Entitlement Calculation. It also includes the values that have been adjusted.

  • The report displays E313 Student identification code, with the following originally reported values for the unit:
    • E307 Course code
    • E354 Unit of study code
    • E489 Unit of study census date
  • The report also contains:
    • E558 Reported HELP debt amount - the student's reported FEE‑HELP debt amount
    • E558 Adjusted HELP debt amount - the student's adjusted FEE‑HELP amount
    • HELP debt variance - this is based on the Reported HELP debt amount minus the adjusted HELP debt amount
    • E529 Reported loan fee - the student's reported FEE‑HELP loan fee
    • E529 Adjusted loan fee - the student's adjusted FEE‑HELP loan fee
    • Loan fee variance - the reported loan fee minus the adjusted loan fee
    • Date of adjustment - this is the date of the Student Entitlement Calculation in which the reported FEE‑HELP debt and reported FEE‑HELP loan fee for the unit were adjusted down to the student's remaining FEE‑HELP balance.

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