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TCSI Test environment

The TCSI testing environment was open to developers for the first API test cycle from 10 December 2018.


This first testing support window enabled higher education developers to test five API endpoints:

  • Course of Study
  • Course
  • Campus
  • Courses on Campus
  • Unit of Study

The test window formally closed on 7 January 2019. However developers are able to continue using this test environment during January to March 2019 for the above APIs. While there will be reduced technical support during this period as the technical teams focus on the new API development, we are finalising arrangements to introduce the Service Hub which will provide dedicated support to help you meet your development needs.

Test cycle 2 opens 18 – 31 March 2019

We are on schedule with the development and testing of the Student APIs which are set to be completed by mid‑March 2019. This will support development testing for the following API sets:

  • Higher education Students
  • VET Students
  • VET Courses
  • VET Campus
  • VET Unit of Study

The testing environment will also provide the opportunity to test against the five higher education APIs from test cycle 1.

A technical webinar is scheduled for mid‑March, to discuss test cycle 2 with developers.