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Survey Outcomes

Thanks to everyone who completed our HEIMS Data Collections survey. What did we learn?


Our survey has given us a great opportunity to better understand what works best for you and how we can continue to improve our support and resources.

Every year we look for new and better ways to assist providers in meeting their reporting deadlines. 2014 was a big year for improvements to the HEIMSHELP website and our training.

The improved HEIMSHELP site search, powered by Google, has been a great success with a 67% increase in use of the search box in 2014.

Our webinars have been incredibly popular with 37 training sessions on 13 topics with a total of 1,896 attendees.

We have already commenced work in response to your comments and suggestions in our survey.

Many people use their phones to manage both personal and professional schedules. We have created a public Google calendar that you can access through your Google account and iCal. Subscribing to our calendars will allow you to receive notices through your calendar app of choice. We have also created .ICS files for import to Outlook. You can access these calendars via links on the Key Dates and Reporting Deadlines Calendars page. We will be providing departmental, government and training calendars soon. We'll let you know on the HEIMSHELP front page when they're ready.

In response to your comments about downloading Scopes and Structures you may now download a package with all documents for each collection.

While our training webinars have proved very popular and convenient, many of you have requested that we increase group training in your states. We are currently looking for opportunities to provide more of these training sessions.

We have provided the results of the 2014 survey in a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation can be downloaded at the link below.

2014 HEIMS Client Support Services Survey Results

If you do not have MS PowerPoint available you may download a viewer from Microsoft.

Opens in a new window: Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft doesn't provide a PowerPoint viewer for the current Mac operating system. If you use Mac then you may either install the viewer on the same machine as HEPCAT or view the 2014 Client Services Support Survey PDF.

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