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Reporting final 2019 higher education data

Final data submissions due 31 March 2020

Over the last twelve months, we have strongly encouraged you to report all your remaining 2019 higher education data as soon as you can in early 2020, to help simplify your transition to TCSI. The final date for reporting your outstanding 2019 submissions is 31 March 2020. This has previously been communicated at the HELP forum, roadshows and several webinars.

These submissions include:

  • Student data for all outstanding 2019 census dates
  • 2019 second half year OS-HELP, SA-HELP and Commonwealth Scholarships submissions
  • 2019 Unit of study completions
  • 2019 Past course completions (please read Reporting 2019 higher education course completions to ensure your 2019 completions data accurately reflects completions that occurred in 2019 only)
  • Revisions to previously reported data

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Verification of 2019 full year data due 1 May 2020

We heard that many of you were concerned about the change to the 2019 verification process which would see you verifying your reports across two systems. To simplify this challenge in your transition planning we are looking to move the verification date forward by two weeks, to 1 May 2020. This will enable you to sign off all your 2019 reports as a single, consolidated data set in HEIMS Online.

This date retains the existing four-week window to check your reports and confirm that all your 2019 enrolment, load, completions and payment data are accurate and complete. It also ensures your verified data set for 2019 is not impacted by the new entitlement system (StEME) as all student HELP calculations will now be completed in the existing HEIMS system. This removes the need to move between systems to verify different reports.

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