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OS-HELP reporting

Reporting 2019 OS‑HELP records that commence in 2020

If students are receiving an OS HELP loan in 2019 which has a study period commencement date in 2020 you will need to report the relevant 2020 OS‑HELP courses in HEPCAT prior to reporting your OS‑HELP submission.

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Reporting the correct course code for an OS‑HELP loan

A review of the reporting of OS‑HELP loans indicates that the Course Code (E307) is not being correctly reported for around one per cent of OS‑HELP loans. In those cases, the Course Code (E307) that was reported on the OS‑HELP (OS) file did not match any Course Code (E307) reported for the student on any Student Enrolment (EN) file.

The department has corrected the verified OS‑HELP data received up to 31 August 2019 so that all historical OS HELP loan records that have been migrated and stored in TCSI are correctly linked to a course that the student was enrolled in prior to commencing their OS‑HELP study period. A spreadsheet will be emailed to providers detailing the corrections that have been made for their OS‑HELP loan records. If the provider does not agree with the correction, they will have the opportunity to amend that data after they transition to using TCSI.

It is critical that providers report the correct Course Code (E307) for their final OS‑HELP file submissions made through HEPCAT. There are no HEPCAT or HEIMS validations that will check the correct reporting of the Course Code (E307) but failing to report the correct Course Code (E307) will affect the processing of the OS‑HELP record and may affect payments to providers for these loans. It is therefore important that providers undertake due diligence checks when reporting OS‑HELP loans through HEPCAT before transitioning to TCSI.

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Correctly reporting a Course Code (E307) on the OS‑HELP (OS) file

The Course Code (E307) on the OS‑HELP file must be the course for which the student has met the prior study requirements to access OS‑HELP. It must therefore match a Course Code (E307) that has been reported for the student in the Student Enrolment (EN) file and the Student Load/Liability (LL) file.

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Reporting OS HELP language loans

Please check your reporting of OS HELP language loans before you submit your next OS‑HELP submission in HEPCAT. Our Opens in a new window: fact sheet (in the Fact Sheets tab on the User guides and fact sheets page) clarifies that each OS HELP language loan must be correctly linked to an OS HELP study loan for the OS HELP language loan to pass validation checks being implemented as part of TCSI.

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