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HEPCAT release 20

A new version of HEPCAT will be released on Tuesday 15 December. Don't forget to back up your database before installing!


The key changes in this HEPCAT release are the:

There have also been some minor updates to existing validations to improve the quality of the reported disability data (Element 386).

Full details of all new HEPCAT and HEIMS functionalities, including a list of all new and updated validations, are in the release notes available on the Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit on the day of release.

Back up your database!

When a new version of HEPCAT is released we end up receiving several calls from providers who forgot to back up their database. Please remember:

The department cannot replace your database if it is lost, deleted or corrupted.

We do not have access to your version of HEPCAT or the database on your computer so we are unable to replicate this for you.

Your data administration processes should include regular back–ups of your HEPCAT database to protect against loss of data or system failure.

For information on backing up your database see Part 3 of the HEPCAT user guide.

For detailed information on how to upgrade to the latest version of HEPCAT, visit our Updating to the latest version of HEPCAT page.

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