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Final 2014 Submission

Don't miss your last chance to send 2014 student debts and revisions to the ATO before tax time!


The final 2014 Student, OS‑HELP, SA‑HELP and Commonwealth Scholarship submissions are due on 31 March. Planning ahead and organising these submissions across the next couple of weeks will help to reduce the last minute workload for you at the end of the month.

This is also your last opportunity to report all students HELP debts and revisions to debts for 2014! In April we commence the final transfer of data to the ATO prior to the ATO’s issuing of notices of assessment for 2014–15.

Check out our new Reporting to the ATO page for all the timeframes and information you need on the reporting of HELP data to the ATO.

Remember the ATO no longer has an urgent manual revision process if you have late data to report.

Don't forget that unit of study completions and course completions data are also due in April. If you can report these submissions before you commence the verification of your 2014 data on 15 April you may also help to simplify your workload over the coming two months.

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