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Reporting completions for higher education students

The scope of the current Past Course Completions submission is based on the premise that one course commencement can only lead to one completion and statistical reporting by department relies on this being true. The original design of TCSI's scope, packets and data elements supported a continuation of this approach.

However, sector feedback on the original design indicates that this approach does not reflect actual completions, particularly for nested and combined awards. This can result in manual processing for providers to filter out completions that do not fit the scope of the old PS file and is unlikely to support emerging practices around pathways and micro‑credentialing.

To address this feedback, we have added new codes to E599 Course Outcome Code.

The new codes allow you to report the completion in the way that best fits your practice and the practice of your institution. Providing a full and accurate picture of completions will then allow the department to interpret the data correctly for statistical purposes.

The "new" E599 has two completion codes:

  • '1' = final completion, to report completion of BA/LLB
  • '5' = component completion, provider may use this to report BA and/or LLB where student is also going to complete a BA/LLB

A provider is able to report as many 'component completions' (5) as is necessary, but only one 'final completion' per Course admission.

The updated E599 also has additional 'leaving the course' coding options:

  • The original code was '2' = withdrawal, leaving with no completion and no further study.
  • The first new code '6'= transfer to complete, leaving a course to complete a related course at the same provider. An example of which is when a student starts BEc but leaves study early with a DipEc.
  • The second new code '7' = transfer to continue, leaving a course but continuing a related course at the same provider. An example of which is when a student starts a BEc but transfers to continue study in a BEc/LLB.

You should update Course outcome code (E599) as many times as needed to reflect student activity. For example, a student may withdraw (update to '2'), return and continue studying (update to blank), and then transfer to continue in a different course at your institution (update to '7').

Please see the TCSI into the Future Webinar, hosted on 3 April 2019 for scenarios which speak to these changes in greater detail.

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