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How to use online reporting calendars

Keep track of reporting dates through your Google, iCal and Outlook calendars.


Now you can integrate key reporting dates and deadlines into your organisation's scheduling application or on your mobile with our public Google calendars. You can use these calendars in a number of ways. You can either subscribe to them using your Google account, sync them to your iCal account or download the .ICS file and import them to Outlook or another scheduling application.

Google provides some simple guidance on how to subscribe to calendars with either Google calendar or iCal.

Data Collections Key Dates & Deadlines Calendars

To capture the Google calendar URL (Add by URL mode), right click on the calendar link and select "Copy shortcut" / "Copy link address". This is the URL of the calendar to which you can subscribe.

To capture the Google calendar email address (Add a friend's calendar mode) copy the Calendar ID. This is the email address of the calendar to which you can subscribe

To download the .ICS file, either click on the link or right clink and select "Save link as". You can then import this file to your scheduling application.

Please contact your organisation's IT support if you have any difficulty importing or subscribing to our calendars. Unfortunately, due to the wide range of providers' applications, systems and permissions settings, we are unable to provide you with assistance. If you notice any issues with dates, please let us know.

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