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An element is a variable used for reporting specific data to HEIMS. Reasons for reporting data may vary between files or collections.

The following table replicates the format used for each element and provides a description for each component.

Element Number

A unique number assigned to an element.


Describes the purpose of the element.


First year: The year that particular version of the element was first used
Last year: The year which that particular version of the element was last used (ie if the version is still current, "Last Year" will be blank)
Field name: Name of the element used in the HEPCAT data grid
Element name: Name of the element

Code format:

Data Type: Class of data type for an element, e.g. numeric, integer, alphanumeric.
Units: Format of data type
Width: Number of characters an element occupied on a file


Code: Range of acceptable values for the classification
Meaning: Description of code for the classification

Coding notes

Provide additional information to the Scope document and classification to clarify how to report the element.

Input files

  • Name of the data collection that the element is included:
    • File/s where an element is reported

Prepared on

  • Date when the document was first written


  • Date a revision was issued.

This glossary item applies to the collection types:
  • Higher Education Student Collection
  • Higher Education Staff Collection
  • VET Collections
  • University Applications and Offers Collection