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Student Entitlement Calculation

Student Entitlement calculations (sometimes referred to as Student Entitlement and Loan System or SELS calculations) provides vital information to assist with the monitoring of students' FEE–HELP (see FEE–HELP Limit), OS–HELP and Commonwealth Scholarships entitlements. SA–HELP is not included in the HELP entitlement calculations as this information is checked at the time the SA–HELP data is submitted.

Student entitlement calculations are undertaken nightly, based on the data reported each day. Following the nightly HELP calculations, email notification are sent to providers when a student or students have exceeded their entitlement limits. The email will advise you to check your HEIMS Online HELP Entitlement Reports for the details of these students’ use of HELP.

The reports to assist with the monitoring of students entitlement are automatically updated with any new information received. These reports are cumulative – i.e any new entitlement information is added to the existing information.

The Student Entitlement calculations also informs Opens in a new window: myHELPbalance, a portal to assist students in monitoring how much they have consumed under the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

This glossary item applies to the collection types:
  • Higher Education Student Collection
  • VET Collections