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Overseas Student Fees

Overseas student fee for students subject to minimum indicative fee (E500) is the actual fee charged of an overseas student for a course in which a student is enrolled at a Higher Education Provider.

Reporting Overseas Student Fees

Overseas student fees reported for a students course in all submissions for the year are aggregated to form a total annual tuition fee. The fee may be reported as a total amount once a year or in instalments across each reporting period. HEIMS adds each Overseas student fee (E500) to the total amount already reported for the reporting year.

An example of how the overseas student fee may be reported for each half year period.

Period E313 E307 E500 E415
First Submission 1234567890 BART $1,000 2016.1
Second Submission 1234567890 BART $1,500 2016.2
The total value is stored
in HEIMS for 2016
1234567890 BART $2,500 2016

In this example, the E500 Overseas Student fee stored in HEIMS for this student for 2016 is $2,500

The reporting of overseas student fees may also be reported quarterly.

This glossary item applies to the collection types:
  • Higher Education Student Collection