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Ministerial Notice (Higher Education Providers)

Under Subsection 19-70(1) of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA), higher education providers are required to provide statistical data to the Minister and the allocation of Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Numbers (CHESSN) to all Commonwealth assisted students.
In general a Notice is released for a reporting year. Each Notice covers the three collections for Higher Education:

  • The Higher Education Student Data Collection
  • The Higher Education Staff Data Collection
  • The University Applications and Offers Data Collection

Updates to Notices may be issued from time to time. Providers must check for any changes which may be made to the requirements for the data. All changes to the requirements for the data for the Higher Education Data Collection for a specific reporting year will be noted in the related Higher Education Data Requirements and Change Control document.

A summary of changes will also be advised to providers in the HEIMS Data Collections eNews.

Further information on administrative requirements under the HESA is available in the Administrative Information for Providers (AIP).

This glossary item applies to the collection types:
  • Higher Education Student Collection
  • Higher Education Staff Collection
  • University Applications and Offers Collection