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FEE-HELP Balance

A person's FEE‑HELP balance is the amount of the FEE‑HELP limit they have not used. As a person uses a VET Student Loan, VET FEE‑HELP or FEE‑HELP to pay their tuition fees, the amount they may borrow in future is reduced. Any loan fee amounts or indexation of outstanding debts are not inlcuded in a person's FEE‑HELP balance. Students may access up to the FEE‑HELP balance for the year in which study is undertaken. Repayments do not reset the maximum that can be borrowed. For more information see the Administrative Information for Providers (AIP): Student Support or VET Administrative Information for Providers.

This glossary item applies to the collection types:
  • Higher Education Student Collection
  • VET Collections