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Calculating pre-2017 charged amounts for HECS-HELP eligible students

Calculating the charged amount prior to 1 January 2017

The amount charged for Commonwealth supported students must have zero cents when aggregated to the unit of study.

A student's HECS‑HELP status is determined by assessing the status of all units of study undertaken, within a given course of study, on a given census date.

HECS‑HELP eligible students who have deferred all or part of their student contribution amount for any unit of study, within a course of study, on a particular census date, must be reported as deferred (element 490 (Student Status Code) 201) for all units of study undertaken as a HECS‑HELP student, in that course of study, on that census date.

Therefore, HECS‑HELP eligible students may be reported as deferred for a particular unit of study, within a course of study, even though they have paid 90% (applied to census dates on or after 1 January 2012) or 80% (applied to census dates prior to 1 January 2012) of the amount reported at element 384 (Total Amount Charged).

This glossary item applies to the collection types:
  • Higher Education Student Collection