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02. If a student has OS-HELP for study in Asia and OS-HELP for language study, how do we report this? As one loan (add the two amounts together) or is each loan to be reported as a separate row of data?

A: If a student has received OS‑HELP assistance for both language study and study in Asia in the same OS‑HELP study period two records would be reported in the OS‑HELP submission for that period. For example if the student received OS‑HELP for study in Asia there would be a record in the OS‑HELP submission for the student using the code 241 - OS‑HELP for study in Asia.

If the student also received a supplementary amount for language study in the same period the student would also have a record in the same submission using code 242 - OS‑HELP language study. The commencement date reported on element 521 - study period commencement date for each of these loans would ensure they are identified as unique records.


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