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Data Verification - FAQ 07

07. I clicked Refresh Reports on my verification reports this morning, and this afternoon its status is still "Data refreshing". Is there something wrong with the system?

No, this is normal. When you click Refresh Reports, the verification reports will be refreshed overnight. During the refreshing period you will not be able to view your data in these reports. Instead, you can continue checking your un-refreshed data in the Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online Data View reports.

For more information about verifying your data, see the Checking and verifying your data toolkit.


Need more help? HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au (subject: FAQ%20Feedback%20%22I%20clicked%20Refresh%20Reports%20on%20my%20verification%20reports%20this%20morning%2C%20and%20this%20afternoon%20its%20status%20is%20still%20%22Data%20refreshing%22.%20Is%20there%20something%20wrong%20with%20the%20system%3F%22) (Email us)



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