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Data Verification - FAQ 01

01. What is data verification?

Verification is your formal confirmation that the data you have submitted to HEIMS accurately reflects the data you have in your own system. It enables you to identify inconsistent or inaccurate data so that you can revise data reported to HEIMS.

This includes:

  • Reporting of incorrect figures such as:
    • amounts charged for a unit of study
    • how much a student has paid up-front
    • the EFTSL value
  • Data made less valid by the overuse of 'dump' values
    • HEIMS needs to let values through such as 'information not provided' as they are valid codes. These should be the exception and overuse generally indicates other issues such as how the question is being asked on the student enrolment form.
  • Incorrect interpretation of coding values
    • including incorrect or no postcodes provided for campus location, student residential and term locations
  • Inconsistent coding between elements
    • student status code does not align with amounts

For a list of common verification issues, see the Higher Education HEIMS data checking guide and VET FEE‑HELP HEIMS data checking guide.

For more information about verifying your data, see the Checking and verifying your data toolkit.


Need more help? HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au (subject: FAQ%20Feedback%20%22What%20is%20data%20verification%3F%22) (Email us)



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