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Data Validation - FAQ 03

03. Can we update the errors on the system instantly or do we have to update our data and keep validating data before submission?

Validation errors can be corrected within HEPCAT. However we do recommend that you have processes in place to ensure that these corrections are also made in your student systems. Otherwise your reported data will not align with your systems data. Fixing your source data will help you with future reporting and verification.


Need more help? HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au (subject: FAQ%20Feedback%20%22%20Can%20we%20update%20the%20errors%20on%20the%20system%20instantly%20or%20do%20we%20have%20to%20update%20our%20data%20and%20keep%20validating%20data%20before%20submission%3F%22) (Email us)



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