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Data Validation - FAQ 01

01. So we report through HEPCAT, but get the error reports via HEIMS Online? Do we get any error messages through HEPCAT?

If a submission is accepted or rejected by HEIMS the person who submitted the data is advised via an email. HEIMS will also provide HEPCAT with a 'status update' to indicate whether a submission was accepted or rejected. For more information on this process please refer to Part 2 HEPCAT User Guide and HEIMS Online Submission Reports User Guide.


Need more help? HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au (subject: FAQ%20Feedback%20%22So%20we%20report%20through%20HEPCAT%2C%20but%20get%20the%20error%20reports%20via%20HEIMS%20Online%3F%20Do%20we%20get%20any%20error%20messages%20through%20HEPCAT%3F%22) (Email us)



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