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511 PIR Work sector code


The work sector in which a function is being performed in one organisational unit by a member of academic staff in respect of their current duties


Version: 1.0
First year: 2015
Last year: -
Field name: WORK-SECTOR
Element name: Work sector code

Code format:

Data Type: Numeric
Units: Code (numeric)
Width: 1


The work sector in which the function is being performed is the:

1 Higher Education work sector.

Coding notes

Please only report staff employed in the higher education sector.

Note: If staff teach across higher education and vet sectors then their FTE is to be apportioned and only FTE commensurate with their HE academic duties should be reported.

Input files

Provider Information Request:

  • PIR Staff (PSF)

Change History

Details of all versions of this data element can be found on its supporting information page.

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