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30 Nov 2017 - Change to TFN LookUp Reports

Sector notice 30 November 2017

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Change to your TFN LookUp report

In response to your feedback, a change will be made to the way TFN LookUp reports are shown in HEIMS Online.

From Monday, your TFN LookUp report will only show the results from your most recently submitted TFN LookUp file. That means that TFN rejection errors that are currently stored in HEIMS will be replaced each time a TFN LookUp file is submitted.

If you would like a copy of historical TFN rejection errors, be sure to export your current report before the end of the week, as your report will be updated on Monday 4 December.

Update on unmatched TFNs

A large number of special cases have been referred to the ATO where students have claimed their details are identical with their provider and the ATO. Following these investigations the ATO has advised that in almost all cases either:

  • The TFN reported to HEIMS does not match the TFN held by the ATO OR
  • The students' reported names do not match with those held at the ATO (this has most commonly been the family name).

To resolve these errors, it is important to ensure that the student can see the TFN and personal details held by your organisation so that they can confirm these details against the information held by the ATO.

The simplest way for students to check their TFN details with the ATO is via their myGov account.

If your students have difficulties with using the ATO's online services they can contact the ATO's Individual enquiries line on 13 28 61. In most cases, the student will need to update their details with your organisation or with the ATO.

To re‑verify a student's TFN and personal details you will need to submit the corrected details to the department through the Revised HELP Due or TFN Revision submission.

Still have questions?

Resources on the TFN LookUp and reporting HELP debts to the ATO are available on HEIMSHELP.

If you have any further questions please contact us at: HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au.

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