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19 Sep 2017 - 2018 Higher Education Ministerial Notice

Sector notice 19 September 2017

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2018 Higher Education Ministerial Notice

2018 Reporting Requirements for the Higher Education Data Collections

The 2018 reporting requirements for the Higher Education Data Collections were issued on 18 September 2017.

From 2018, the department has introduced three new Higher Degree by Research (HDR) indicators to improve monitoring of the Research Training System. The first two indicators relate to the submission and completion of a student's thesis.

The third indicator captures HDR students' engagement with end‑users during their course.

To reduce the reporting burden, implementation of this indicator has been staged. The first two indicators are to be reported against from 1 January 2018.

  • Research internship with a research end‑user
  • Joint supervision by a research end‑user

The other indicators are optional for 2018, with full implementation proposed from 2019.

  • Jointly funded or fully funded by a research end‑user
  • Formal training on industry engagement
  • Other commercialisation and engagement activities

Please note that these new research elements have modified the structure of the Student Enrolment and Past Course completions submissions. This will affect all higher education providers' submissions from 2018.

The Notice also contains some administrative changes to reporting documentation. These include the two Tax File Number files that support the transfer of HELP debts to the ATO and some minor updates to coding notes where clarification has been requested. All changes are included in 2018 Higher Education Data Collections data requirements and change control document which is available on the department's HEIMSHELP website.

If you have any queries relating to the 2018 data requirements please contact us.

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File ripper to create a TFN Lookup file

File Ripper assists with creating a TFN Lookup File from data in your HELP Due file.

The file ripper script is available via the User Guides and fact sheets page on HEIMSHELP.

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