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23 May 2017 - VET Submissions due & TFN verification

Sector notice 23 May 2017

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VET Student Submission and Course Completions due 7 June 2017

VET student data and the VET Course Completions submission for census dates in May 2017 are due on Wednesday 7 June. Please submit any outstanding revisions to ensure accurate debt information is transferred to the ATO.

TFN verification

As discussed previously, the department is working with the ATO to support more regular transfers of student HELP data from July 2017.

The new data transfer process requires each TFN to be verified as belonging to the right student before their HELP debt can be transferred to the ATO.

From July every time you submit a student record, the TFN will be automatically sent to the ATO for verification. If the student's TFN and personal details match, the student's HELP debt will be transferred to the ATO after the next VET payment date.

There are several updates to the TFN verification process as a result of your feedback. The key changes commencing July include:

  • The introduction of a TFN Look Up function to enable you to check TFNs for new students at any time of the year.
  • Modifications to the Revised HELP Due submission to enable you to use this to correct the TFNs for any student whose details couldn't be verified by the ATO.
  • Automatic updates to the HELP Due table in your HEPCAT data base to reflect TFN changes submitted through the TR submission.
  • Development of new TFN reports to provide you with the details of students whose TFNs could not be verified.

For more information and FAQs visit our TFN verification page on HEIMSHELP.

Need support?

If you need help meeting this legislative requirement please contact us as soon as you can at HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au or by phone 02 6240 7487.