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03 Apr 2017 - Tax File Number Revision (TR) submission

Sector notice 3 April 2017

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The department is working with the ATO to support nightly transfer of student HELP data from July 2017. This new capability will apply to all data reported with 2017 census dates.

The new process requires each TFN to be verified as belonging to a student before their associated HELP debt can be transferred to the ATO. Currently only encrypted TFNs can be reported to the ATO.

There is no change to the way you currently submit your student data to HEIMS. Every time you submit a student record, the TFN will be automatically sent for verification (checking) with the ATO. If the student's TFN and personal details match, the student's HELP debt will be transferred to the ATO that night.

For all the details, including a draft file structure please visit our Tax File Number Revision (TR) submission page.


We would appreciate your HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au (subject: Feedback%20-%20Tax%20File%20Number%20Revision%20submission) (feedback) on this new submission.

We are also seeking your advice on what information you would like to see included in the new HEIMS Online report to help you identify the student/s whose TFNs could not be verified.

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