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VET Unit of Study Completions (VCU) (2012-)

VET Providers approved under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) must report data for students in approved, accredited vocational educational and training (VET) courses.

The VET Unit of Study Completions (VCU) submission records the actual completion status for each unit of study undertaken by students in the reporting year.


All documents related to data requirements, including the timing for the provision of the VET Unit of Study Completions Submission, as set out in the Timing Matrix (PDF), are available for download from the HEIMSHELP website


Information about the structure and the elements included on the Unit of Study Completions submission can be found in the structure document on the HEIMSHELP website.


A record must be included in the VCU submission for every record reported in the VET Student Load/Liability (VLL) file submitted for the reporting year.

Each record in the VCU submission must have a unique combination of the following elements:

  • E313 Student ID
  • E307 Course Code
  • E354 Unit of Study
  • E489 Unit of Study Census Date

These values uniquely identify a student record and must be the same as originally reported on the load liability file in the VET student submission.

E355 Unit of Study Completion Status will update each unit of study record with a completion status.


Records are excluded for units of study which have been remitted or deleted.


A student may have undertaken a unit of study more than once in a reference year. For example, this may occur where a student repeats a unit which has been failed.

Where repeats occur, completion status may differ between records having the same values for E354 Unit of Study Code, providing that they have different values for E489 Unit of Study Census Date.


Detailed information on how to revise previously reported VET FEE-HELP data is available in the VET FEE-HELP Revisions Guides on the HEIMSHELP website.

For more information about terms used in this document please refer to the Glossary on the HEIMSHELP website.

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