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VET Enrolment Revisions (VER)

Version Details

Version: 1.0
First Year: 2012
Last Year:


The VET Enrolment Revisions Submission enables providers to revise student enrolment data that have previously been reported on the VET Student Enrolment File (VEN) in the VET Student submission.

Only existing enrolment values can be modified in this submission.


  • New or omitted enrolment records can only be reported through the VET Student submission.
  • Enrolment records cannot be deleted from the HEIMS database.


Enrolment revisions may be reported at any time. Multiple submissions may be reported throughout the year


The VET Enrolment Revisions Submission consists of a single VER file.

Information about the structure and the elements included in the VER Submission can be found in the structure document for the relevant reporting year. This is available on the HEIMSHELP website.

Revisions to previously reported Enrolment records

Records in the VER submission must relate to a record previously reported in a VET Student submission.

Each record in the submission must have a unique combination of values for:

  • Student Identification Code (E313)
  • Course Code (E307)
  • Reporting Year/Period (E415)

These are the key identifiers for a student’s enrolment and uniquely identify each record. A record to be revised will be matched on these elements.

The enrolment revision process only requires the reporting of the key identifiers for the record and the values to be modified. Detailed information on how to revise each previously reported enrolment value is available in the VET FEE-HELP Data Collection Revision Guides – VET Student Enrolment (VEN).

For more information about terms used in this document please refer to the Glossary.

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