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The OS-HELP Revisions Submission enables providers to revise data that have been reported to DEEWR in the OS-HELP (OS) Submissions.


OS-HELP Revisions may be reported at any time. Timing of submissions is shown in the Timing Matrix for the relevant year which is available from the HEIMSHELP website. 


Information about the structure and the elements that are included in the OR Submission can be found in the structure document for the relevant reporting year. This is available on the HEIMSHELP website.

The OS-HELP Revisions Submission incorporates two separate files:

  • The Revised OS-HELP (RO) File and
  • The OS-HELP Revisions (OR) File.

Records in this submission must relate to a record previously submitted to DEEWR in an OS-HELP Submission. There can only be one record on the file for a particular Student ID (E313)/Course Code (E307)/OS-HELP Study Period Commencement Date (E521).

Additional data records that were not provided on an OS-HELP Submission due to administrative error are to be provided through the normal submission process in a new or subsequent OS-HELP Submission.

Further information is available on this process on the OS Submission scope document on the HEIMSHELP website.


Detailed information on how to revise previously reported OS-HELP data is also available in the Higher Education Revision Guides on the HEIMSHELP website.

For more information about terms used in this document please refer to the Glossary on the HEIMSHELP website.

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