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System outage

The MQ services that transfer TFN data will be unavailable from 4.00 PM Friday, 17 May to 9.00 AM on Monday, 20 May 2019.

Verification reminder for higher education providers – Full year 2018 student data sign off due 15 May

Verifying data is a legislative requirement. It certifies that the data you have reported during the previous calendar year is complete and accurate for funding and publication purposes.

It's your final opportunity to check for errors or omissions, so please ensure that you have reviewed your reports carefully before signing off by 15 May deadline. Remember that once data has been verified, it is final and no further revisions or changes can be reflected in verification reports.

Please visit the Important Sector Notice May 2019 for further details.

Key Dates and Deadlines

May 31

University Applications and Offers submission deadline

2019 reporting year - reference date 17 May 2019
Tertiary Admission Centres

Sep 2

Interim Past Course Completions (PS) submission

Interim PS file for the Graduate Outcomes Survey November 2019 round
Past Course Completions submission