New HEPCAT release

A new version of HEPCAT will be released to production on Monday 22 May.


The key changes in this HEPCAT release include:

  • New TFN Revision (TR) & TFN LookUp (TL) submissions
  • Validations added to support the changes to the Opens in a new window: Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines (Research) 2017
  • Validations added to enable the collection of TFNs in the HELP Due submission for records to be deleted or remitted.

    From July 2017 an unencrypted TFN is required for the transfer all HELP data to the ATO. This includes remissions and deletions to existing HELP debts.

    If you are remitting or deleting a record that was originally reported to HEIMS prior to April 2016, when HEIMS only had access to encrypted TFNs, you will now need to include the student's TFN in your HELP Due submission before you submit your revision file.

    Currently HEIMS uses the originally reported TFN to send a remitted or deleted debt to the ATO. The validation updates in this release enable HEPCAT to pick up the TFN for remitted and deleted records from your HELP Due submission. You will receive a warning message if the TFN is not included.

    If HEIMS cannot find an unencrypted TFN for a student when you submit a record to be deleted or remitted, the TFN it will fail verification and you will then need to report the student's updated details through the new TFN Revision (TR) submission.

Validations have also been added or updated to several submissions to improve data quality. Full details on the HEPCAT and HEIMS functionalities, including a list of all new and updated validations, will be available on HEIMSHELP prior to the release.

All HEIMS systems will be unavailable on Monday 22 May while the updates are migrated to production.

Don't forget to back up your database

When a new version of HEPCAT is releases we invariably receive several calls from providers who forgot to back up their database. Remember:

The department cannot replace your database if it is lost, deleted or corrupted.

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