Data Element Dictionary


The Data Element Dictionary provides the specifications and operational definitions for all the elements for which data are to be reported in the Higher Education and VET data collections.


These collections include data on enrolments, units of study, courses, and completions for students attending higher education and VET institutions that are eligible for Commonwealth assistance. The collections also include data on university staff and student applications and offers for university places.


Element history

The Element history pages provide a summary of the change history for each element in the Higher Education and VET collections. This includes the details of the changes provided in the Data requirements and change control document for each reporting year and a link to the relevant version of the element for all reporting years from 2005.

Derived elements

This section provides specifications for "derived elements", data for which are generated by the department from the files of data submitted to HEIMS. Data for these derived elements are not included in any of the files provided by institutions. Derived elements are frequently included in datasets generated by the department which are disseminated to institutions and other users of data.