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Verification of 2016 VET FEE‑HELP data

Verification of 2016 VET full year student and completions data is due to be signed off by 1 February 2017.
A signed statutory declaration must also be lodged in the HELP IT System (HITS) by with your verification reports attached.


What do I do if my Unit of Study Completions file fails validation?

A unit of study completions cheat sheet has been developed to help you correct errors with your data so your submission can be received by HEIMS.

Key Dates and Deadlines


Final deadline for verification of all 2016 VET student and completions data

Verification of 2016 full year data commences on 13 January 2017 with checking and sign off of data no later than 1 February 2017 - see the Checking & verifying your data toolkit


University Applications and Offers submission deadline

2017 reporting year - reference date 24 January 2017
Tertiary Admission Centres only

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