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Course & Campus submissions

Course & Campus data are due 1 August 2014.
There are a number of reporting issues that regularly occur in the Course of Study and Campus submissions.

To help save you time and energy in correcting data after submission please check your data for the issues outlined in the Course & Campus eNews article before you report.

Verification of Staff data

Don't forget to check out the resources on our Verifying your data toolkit to help you verify your staff data. Our webinar, the Staff data collection also has some hot tips on issues to look out for.

Key Dates and Deadlines


Webinar – Reporting for New Providers

5 August 2pm—3pm AEST - Opens in a new window: register now


Verification of 2014 Staff data – deadline for sign off

Higher education providers who submitted 2014 staff data
See the Verifying your data toolkit

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